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These web pages were created as a result of years of a neighborhood group of retired men playing poker on every other Tuesday night. We do not take our playing too seriously; we mostly just want to have a fun night playing cards and enjoy each other’s company. As we continued to play poker over time we started to come up with a variety of new games. Some of the games were played previouly and then introduced to the group. Some of the new games we found by searching on the Internet and many others were ones that we created on the spur of the moment or with some actual forethought. Some of the new games worked very well; others were no fun at all. Most of the games were improved from their original concept with some small, or significant, changes. Once a new game was added to the repertoire we started creating more new games based on the recent addition. These pages are a result from our experimenting and playing.

Our Tuesday group takes a very low key approach to our poker and it shows in the type of games we play. There are more aggressive types of poker with higher levels of betting and even with the taking of another plasyer’s card(s); we choose not to play these types of games. We have deliberately set very low stakes for our games (total buy in at the beginning of the evening is only $10.00) so all the players will remain friends for many years. The details throughout these pages reflect this philosophy.

We also strive to make our games fun. You will find that most of our games have the winnings split between two or more players. Poker is much more fun when you are a part of the action and not sitting on the sidelines just watching and waiting for the next hand.


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These pages describe our favorite games – there are many, many more variations of poker. Other poker references that can be useful are: