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What does B.O.B. stand for?

Dates in Bob History

1/17/2008 Bobby Fischer (Chess) Died
2/6/1945 Bob Marley (Musician) Born
3/20/1948 Bobby Orr (Hockey) Born
4/4/1965 Robert Downey, Jr. (Actor) Born
5/29/1903 Bob Hope (Actor) Born
6/6/1968 Robert Kennedy (Politician) Died
7/7/1907 Robert A. Heinlein (Author) Born
8/18/1936 Robert Redford (Actor) Born
9/23/1987 Bob Fosse (Choreographer) Died
10/12/1870 Robert E. Lee (US Confederate General) Died
11/9/1935 Bob Gibson (Baseball) Born
12/20/1973 Bobby Darin (Musician) Died

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