What is The Bob Project?

The Bob Project started out in 2002 as a way to entertain myself during long-distance travel. And now it's expanded to be everything about Bob.

Do you even notice in the comics when they need a name of a business it most often has the name "Bob" in it? I noticed that Gary Larsen's Far Side cartoons did this fairly often. Well, that got me to thinking - how many signs with "Bob" in the name could I find during my travels.

And it just so happened I was going on a long-distance trip. Specifically a trans-continental bicycle tour starting in Anaheim, California (Disneyland) and ending in Orlando, Florida (Disney World). The ride covered 3,300 miles over 48 days. And I found about 30 different Bobs during the trip.

Since then, whenever I travel, on a bike tour or not, I try to find all the Bob signs that I can. And for this web-site I have made lists of all the Bobs that I could find. Enjoy.


Every year a new Bob Project calendar is created using signs from the previous year travels.

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